'Museum Station' Project in the Moscow metro
The Moscow metro is not only the basis of the capital's transport system but a whole cultural phenomenon, its microworld.

‘Museum Station’ project in the metro is a key communication and cross-cultural platform for the Moscow Transport Museum, in which the main format is a poster. In this special project, we are talking about the present and future of urban transport in the project cultural integration of the museum at different stations, branches, and subway crossings.
In metro stations, lobbies and underpasses, there will be regular posters, specially created by artists, illustrators, and designers, on the transport industry`s topics around the world.

In 2021, the first series of posters called ‘Green Line’ were launched which focus on the awareness of sustainable ways to travel around the city.
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'The Museum Station project not only continues the world and Soviet tradition of developing information and motivational posters by the best masters of visual culture but also emphasizes that transport is a new media and a driver of any innovative changes in the city.'.

Oksana Bondarenko,
Director of the Moscow Transport Museum
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