Pavilion ‘USSR transport’ at the VDNH
The historical pavilion ‘USSR`s transport’ at the VDNH is a unique architectural monument, a new space for temporary expositions of the Moscow Transport Museum, cross-cultural projects, and collaborations with other cultural institutions. Belonging to the ‘great Soviet-style’ focuses the audience on the historical, and scientific, and technological heritage of the industrial era.

In the spring of 2021, the Pavilion ‘USSR's transport’ opened the first full-scale exhibition of the Moscow Transport Museum dedicated to the amazing and boisterous fate of the automobile brand – ‘Moskvich’. The biopic exposition follows in the footsteps of the rich biography of folk cars, which became heroes of movies, anecdotes, legends, and memories.

Over the first 3 months, the exhibition was attended by over 50 thousand people.
Exhibition concept
It is difficult to imagine a more multilayered and charming character in the main role than ‘Moskvich’. This car is more than all its technical characteristics, which, let's be honest, did not always meet the ideals of contemporaries.

‘Moskvich’ was a product of bright engineering ideas, shock-factory everyday life, and the collective unconsciousness of Soviet citizens. Each new model embodied a cherished dream, and had the profile and character of its era.

The biopic is a genre of fiction film. As a rule, it represents an artistic reinterpretation of the biography of a famous person or the incredible story of one car brand.
Exposition stuffing
The exposition ‘Moskvich's Dream’ includes 30 exhibits from the transport collection and more than 300 artifacts. Among them are ‘ Moskvich-422’ (‘Pinocchio’) 1954 – a unique sample with a preserved wooden body, the millionth ‘Moskvich-408’ 1967, ‘Moskvich-400’, which rolled off the production line in the first post-war year, as well as GD-1 – the first Soviet engine designed to participate in Formula 1.

The hall is occupied by a monumental inflatable installation by contemporary artist, Irina Korina, ‘Cornucopia’ – a polysemantic symbol of the era that gave the country the first people's car, KIM.

The entrance hall of the exposition is dedicated to the history of the brand, which materializes in installations-frames from films. The hall “Rally” contains evidence of the racing achievements of cars, the hall “Prototypes” contains futuristic concept cars.

The heart of the exhibition is ‘the Factory History Hall’. There is a card index of drawings, photographs, and books related to the engineering and design heritage of ‘Moskvich. Here is also the location of the film set.

‘Moskvich's Dream’ is about 30 exhibits of the transport collection and more than 300 artifacts.
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