Pop-up Space at the North River Station
The North River Station is not only a transport hub, but also an actual public space, a place for the rest of the citizens, an activator of inner-city tourism, and an ‘aesthetic city magnet’.

This unique architectural monument contains the ‘visiting card’ and the creative zone of the Moscow Transport Museum – a pop-up space that offers visitors changing exhibitions devoted to the history of the North River Station, as well as to the development of the city`s transport infrastructure through the prism of historical events and contemporary topics.

The Moscow Transport Museum is the driver of the cross-cultural event program in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and initiates the holding of relevant and high-profile cultural events on the territory of the station and the park.
In 2021 and 2022, in the pop-up space at the North River Station, the Moscow Transport Museum presented 5 shifting installations:
Green line

Green Line is a total installation made from unique graphic posters. The series of posters continued the theme of transport ecology – one of the key themes of the Moscow Transport Museum. 26 unique posters were created with the participation of young artists and designers.
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Nature at a Stop!

The installation’Nature at a Stop!’ was dedicated to the development of ’green’ transport and its key role in the ecological transformation of the city. A stop in a greenhouse is a multifaceted image that can be interpreted as the long-awaited peaceful neighborhood of modern infrastructure and nature, or nature that expects decisive action from us.

In this futuristic stop pavilion, instead of a Moscow road map, there is a poster of Alexei Dubinsky, instead of an information board – a running line with a conceptual word-play
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The art installation Moskvich`s Dream

The art installation ‘Moskvich's Dream’ is a project by the artist Sasha Frolova and a teaser for the Museum's exhibition of the same name, which will be opened at the Pavilion ‘USSR's transport’ at the VDNH.

Based on the concept of the ‘Moskvich`s Dream’ exhibition, artist Sasha Frolova created an installation in the aesthetics of pop art culture, akin to the cinema. The project consists of several parts, such as an inflatable copy of ‘Moskvich 407’, which soars up and performed in full size, and a short history of the car, presented in comic format, as well as archival photographs of ‘Moskvich’, against the background of the North River Station building.
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Legends of the NRS

‘Legends of the NRS’ is an installation prepared in partnership with the Moscow Museum. The video installation is based on the legends of the North River Station. Famous musicians and actors of theater and cinema refuted myths and told stories related to the Soviet Art Deco monument.

The exhibition made up of three screens designed to unite the past and the present, share and make recognizable fascinating facts and shots about the re-opened Northern River Station.
Five seas and an air ocean. The story of one photograph ...

The installation ‘Five seas and an air ocean. The story of one photograph ...’ consisted of archival documents, historical artifacts, and a copy of the famous Sikorsky amphibious aircraft in 1:10 scale numbered N-207.

The research exhibition told about the forgotten by many roles of the North River Station as a global transport hub, recalling it as a center for the exploration of the Russian North in the 20th century, and the role of aviation in polar research.
In the center of museum interest are not only technical and engineering inventions, but also the fate of people, whose heroic work and fortitude moved forward the development of civilization, creating works of architectural, visual, and engineering art.
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